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A little smidgen of what I do


Grooming is Serious business!

Which is why i make sure there is plenty of time for lots of wet kisses, treats(if allowed) and playing! Making sure grooming is a fun experience for each pet is super important to me. 

Hidden Treasure in Temple, PA!

Integrated grooming at its finest! The quality of care and attention to each fur baby is the most important part, to every groom.  Taking all aspects into the groom experience, like, past experiences, home life, socialization, pets anxiety and stress levels, are key components to a successfully stress free groom for any pet.  I take the entire pet into consideration, along with both psychological and emotional needs. With a more personal one on one experience for the animal, in a quiet, comfortable, safe, more holistic environment. Top of the line products, infused with aromatherapy, massage, love and care, and of course fun! A loved and cared for pet is a happy pet, and wet kisses are more than welcome! Working to calm fears and deescalate fears costs nothing, but blossoms a wonderful groomer/pet relationship.  Give me a call today to see if we’re a good fit! Stay pawsitive!  

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